The first modular, ready-to-use kinetic display.

flip-disc (flip-dot) F1 panel kinetic display screen

Plug. Play.

Click-together panels. Ready-to-use software.

For companies looking for an alternative to covering another wall in LED screens, the Flip-Disc Display offers a much more engaging alternative. The Flip-Disc Display System is the first kinetic screen that's been built to be fast and easy, not requiring a team of engineers and developers to get up and running. It's simple, modular, and customizable.


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Endless Content Possibilities


The system's versatility goes beyond people’s expectations. Videos, real-time content, video games... anything you can dream up. You can create custom apps, allowing you to develop whatever content and look you're after.

Live Social Content

Live Social Content





Real-Time Data

Real-Time Data

Brand Interaction

Brand Interaction




Build it on-brand.

Custom disc and casing finishes.

We offer discs in a variety of off-the-shelf colors and finishes, as well as an option for a custom color and finish. The casing are available in satin-black or white.

flip-discs (flip-dots) colors
flip-disc (flip-dot) animated

Pixels that move
at magnetic speed.

It’s mind blowing to think of a physical pixel flipping at close to 30 times a second, but that’s what we’ve been able to achieve through our custom hardware and software. In 2012, BREAKFAST was the first company to achieve these speeds, and have since further optimized the tech by lowering the latency, and increasing the refresh rate by 4x.


Full Control

Controller App

File Types
The included software is capable of displaying video files along with static images and text.

Interactive Mode
Static images and text can be interacted with via the included 3D depth camera.

Built-in is a scheduler that allows programing of content by time.

Developers can use the API to push any custom content directly to the screen.

flip-disc (flip-dot) controller app
flip-disc (flip-dot) display screen mounting bar


The mounting bar provides a flexible way to hang the panels. It can be mounted to a wall, hung from cables or a wall stud, or attached to scaffolding. The support bar also features various threaded holes for a custom facade/trim to be placed overtop.


What’s Included




Not Included

F1 Flip-Disc Panels

The F1 Panels with 784 half-inch Flip-Discs


3D Camera

One time-of-flight camera with enclosure form mounting.


Disc Finish 

Standard disc colors:

   •  Matte black and white
   •  Matte black and red
   •  Matte black and yellow
   •  Matte black and orange


Custom colors are additional.
Special finishes include:

• Mirror (silver or gold)
• High gloss
• Metallic


Casing Finish

Standard casing finish is a satin-black.


Satin-white casing is available at an additional cost.


Fanless Linux controller with Skylake processor.


Mounting Hardware

Mounting Bar.


Depending on the details of mounting surface, location, and surface specs additional mounting hardware may be necessary.


Industrial data and power cables to connect all panels.


Extension cables if the display is over 10’ from outlets.

F1 Panel Size & Weight

Width: 16.8"  (42.7 cm)
Height: 16.8"  (42.7 cm)
Depth:  3.9" (9.9 cm)
Weight:  21 lbs (9.5 kg)


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