Flip-Discs, software, camera, computer
51.5 x 18 x 3.3 in
Executed in 2020

The Energy series is an exploration of the evolution of our power grid from fossil fuels to clean energy that is occurring and will rapidly increase over the coming years. The pieces visualize the real-time clean energy production in a given area of the world. Each point in the animating wave represents a rate of 1 gigawatt of clean power being produced. The height of the wave represents 0% - 100% of the total amount of clean energy that could possibly be produced on the current grid. The piece will evolve on its own over the coming years as more clean energy production comes online.

As all of us are part of this story, the piece reflects that energy production upon those who interact with the work. As one walks up to the piece, their image is reflected back, but the contrast and clarity of their image changes based on the current clean energy production.

Edition 1 - Indianapolis Energy: SOLD
Edition 2: $20,000 USD