What’s Included




Not Included

F1 Flip-Disc Panels

The F1 Panels with 784 half-inch Flip-Discs


3D Camera

One time-of-flight camera with enclosure form mounting.


Disc Finish 

Standard disc colors:

   •  Matte black and white
   •  Matte black and red
   •  Matte black and yellow
   •  Matte black and orange


Custom colors are additional.
Special finishes include:

• Mirror (silver or gold)
• High gloss
• Metallic


Casing Finish

Standard casing finish is a satin-black.


Satin-white casing is available at an additional cost.


Fanless Linux controller with Skylake processor.


Mounting Hardware

Mounting Bar.


Depending on the details of mounting surface, location, and surface specs additional mounting hardware may be necessary.


Industrial data and power cables to connect all panels.


Extension cables if the display is over 10’ from outlets.

F1 Panel Size & Weight

Width: 16.8"  (42.7 cm)
Height: 16.8"  (42.7 cm)
Depth:  3.9" (9.9 cm)
Weight:  21 lbs (9.5 kg)