We’re a small group rapid-prototyping big ideas.

What We Do

We are a rapid product and prototype company that develops intellectual property. Sometime we license or sell that IP, and sometimes we run with a product ourselves. In a matter of months, we’re able to bring world-changing ideas to fully working prototypes that are on track for mass production.

If you’d like to be contacted when a new piece of IP is being developed for potential license/purchase, signup here.

How We See Things

Our focus is on how connected devices can look and act better in the real world. While companies that try to play in this space tend to focus on developing software for off-the-shelf hardware, we take a different approach. We develop everything from scratch, and in unison. When creating a device for the real-world, why not design something that fits and acts appropriately to that space? Technology doesn’t need to stand out and look like technology. It can blend in and hide the complexity behind great design.

The future is not a touch-screen on a wall.

Who We Are

We’re modern day inventors.

We are a unique group with a massively diverse set of skills. We are as good at engineering as we are at design and ideation. Every employee at BREAKFAST is hands on and have a variety of expertise. We do the work ourselves, and we keep our team small. We also like to drink beer and go on roller-coasters (some of us at least).

If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat.