Behind each of BREAKFAST's works is a technological medium of their own invention.

The group is responsible for conceiving, designing, and producing all of their own mediums, from the design and engineering of the overall form, to the design and engineering of the PCBs, mechanical systems, and software that make them come to life. Below are some of the mediums and inventions they have created.

Brixels architectural concept in airport


Unveiled in 2018
Patent Pending

Brixels are a kinetic medium made up of motorized “bricks” that can precisely rotate endlessly in either direction. BREAKFAST leverages Brixels to create both large and small scale kinetic installations. 

Flip-Discs closeup


Unveiled in 2012

Flip-Discs are kinetic pixels driven by electromagnets. BREAKFAST re-engineered and re-invented this technology to move 10x faster than before. BREAKFAST has installed over 15 permanent  installations utilizing Flip-Discs throughout the world. 

Points sign


Unveiled in 2013

Points is an exploration in finding new ways to discover the hidden corners of the world. It was conceived in response to the proliferation of touch screens throughout our cities.