A NASA inspired mission control for Major League Baseball.

Did you know there is more data created in the average baseball season than there is in a manned mission to the moon? That might be true. Probably not. Either way it's a boat load of data and it's never been collected into one digestible interface. So, we created Mission Control for MLB.

Inspired from the design and components of control rooms in the early days of space flight, we created an 18-foot-long machine that serves up everything from live feeds from every ballpark to real-time wind speeds across every field. The satisfying click of the 30+ toggle switches will pull up team, stadium, league, and social data.

Mission Control lives in the MLB Fan Cave located at 4th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

While the hardware side wasn't the easiest nut to crack, developing over 10 different APIs and 6 languages wasn't exactly a walk in the park.