New tech for a new shared workshop.

Grind is a new take on a shared workspace for creative types. It is the brainchild of it's partners who include Co: CollectiveCool HuntingBehance, and ourselves. The first location is located on Park Avenue and 19th Street in Manhattan.

We took on making sure every technical aspect of Grind was top notch. That goes from making sure the conference rooms are as easy to use as possible, to creative installations that help define the space.

The Grind Gallery was BREAKFAST's first installation. Its goal is to provide a way to define the space as that of its members. In its idle state it displays a random selection of the work from all the members. It also provides a way for members to show off their work to others by simply tapping their membership card on a plate. This in-turn brings up solely that member's work across all the canvases. Lastly, there is the option to "like" and print an on the fly business card from each canvas.