flip dot disc panel display screen

The original super-speed, flip-dot display.

In 2012, BREAKFAST created the world's first real-time, 30 FPS flip-dot screen. The 55 year old hardware was reengineered, and combined with state-of-the-art software to push the pixel 15x faster than they ever moved before.

Interactive, and infrared.

While the dot screen can display static and moving images, it's greatest feature is it’s ability to let people see themselves in real-time on the screen. Thanks to the coupling of an infrared projector and camera, the screen can find people who are standing in the specified "zone" where they will see themselves made of thousands of moving dots, as well as interact with the images on the screen.

flip dot

Physical pixels moving
at magnetic speed.

It’s mind blowing to think of a physical pixel that can flip up to 30 times a second, but that’s what we’ve been able to achieve through a our custom hardware and software.


An early on test of the first 20' screen.

The making of the first Dot Screen in 2012 for TNT.

The on-street experience.