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We brought home some shiny metal.

BREAKFAST was up for three awards this year, and we walk away batting a thousand. Points, the most advanced sign on Earth, took home a Webby, a One Show Pencil, and the Cannes Lions Innovation award. Not too shabby for a project done by 5 people.


How BREAKFAST is conquering the odds.


A recent AdWeek article focused on how many small shops find themselves faced with the dilemma of acquisition or bankruptcy, and how independent companies, like BREAKFAST, are finding ways to thrive against all odds. Full article here


The world's most innovative companies.

We're completely floored to see our name next to companies like Yelp and UNICEF in Fast Company's The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Local. A true honor that made our jaws drop.


The press take a peek behind the curtain.

The Engadget Show - Episode 36

SparkFun: Let your Geek Shine - BREAKFAST

AdWeek: F Train Agencies


#1 Innovative Digital Agency

Completely humbling. A huge thanks to all of you guys over at Mashable. It's truly an honor.

Article here


Insurgent Agency of the Year

Insurgents - indeed! (it took us a second too). This year AdWeek awarded not just a single “Agency of the Year” title, but recognized six 'insurgent' companies to go alongside. For us, feeling as though we’ve barely lifted our wheels off the ground, being named as such is incredibly humbling and exciting. We'll add this as a burst of octane to the fire we’ve placed under our asses going into 2011.

We give a big congrats to the rest of the companies that we share this title with, as well as the big winners, the awesome-sauce W+K dudes.