Custom Tailors of the Tech World

Custom Tailors of the Tech World

It’s 2015.

We’re officially living in the future. Yes, the one you picture in your head when you combine all those images of eye-scanners and helpful little space droids. But the reason you didn’t sit at the kitchen table this morning and get the weather from your cereal box is simply because the cereal company didn’t even know to ask. Or did they?

We’re BREAKFAST, and we spend our days wondering why a Gap store still works the same way it did 40 years ago. We’re here to help those bold enough to want to create the future, and not do it via an impersonable touchscreen mounted on a wall.

Some people call what we do “the internet of things” or “web 3.0.” In our opinion those sound a bit silly. We simply think of ourselves as inventors who take the amazingness of what can be done online and bring it into never-been-done-before devices and real world experiences. Everyday objects can be smarter, an ad campaign can be a circuit board, and a public space can react when it knows who you are.

It’s time to stop going on as though flying cars and telekinesis don’t exist, and time to make the real world as advanced as the virtual one that’s changed our lives in a single decade.

Care to join us for an epic ride?