Creative Director


Secondly, this is a hands-on roll. You won't be overseeing a team at the start because there is currently no team to oversee. We're a small crew who do it all ourselves, and we need one more.

This is an incredibly unique role that is unlike any other creative position out there, we promise. The reason we can confidently say that is because more than half of our work is on internal products. This means that the way this particular work is crafted and designed is driven by us, not by a client. The person to take this role would be in the position to design a brand and everything around it from the ground up - logo, site, videos, etc.

Beyond the internal products there is indeed client work, but as you can see from our past projects it's all pretty unique.

Beyond being a brilliant designer, much of our work requires 3D mock ups. We'd love to find a designer with 3D skills, or at least a large desire to put their head down and learn the programs necessary.

If you indeed catch our eye then we do ask each applicant to take on a small design challenge. We know this can be a bit of an ask, but it's incredibly important to us to see someone's skills in action.

  • Amazing screen-based design skills (be the best designer you know, but never say that out loud)
  • Ability to craft a brand/site/etc from scratch
  • Be open to working on the big stuff as well as the little stuff
  • 3D skills ideal

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You'll be working closely with our whole team to create develop websites, mobile application and on physical interfaces such as Points.

You should have great attention to detail and love to finesse a UI until it runs like butter on a hot NYC day.

We're big fans of open source stacks, we're heavy users of linux, python, c, c++, nodejs, postgres, redis etc. But most important of all we try to be pragmatic about choice of tools so we're expecting the same from you.

Although this role is labeled "frontend & mobile" developer, we anticipate that the applicant will has great understanding of backend systems, databases, caching strategies etc.

  • Outstanding knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript/WebSockets and web standards
  • Adaptive frontend design, cross browser and mobile web development, canvas, webgl, etc.
  • Mobile development experience
  • Excellent understanding of HTTP and networking protocols
  • Experience with visual/creative coding is a plus but not essential (e.g. OpenCV/OF/Cinder etc)

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We're looking for some folks that can install and maintain Instaprint whenever it's hired for an event. This person should be comfortable with Instagram (obviously), as well as Macs, iPhones and Android phones, but everything required for this job is trainable. Instaprint operators should also be very comfortable working in the (sometimes stressful) world of events and be able to think quickly in order to troubleshoot when things don't go as planned.

For this job, the key is to be very reliable, organized and sociable. You'll be interacting with our clients and their guests and will be in charge of making sure Instaprint runs flawlessly. A flexible schedule is also necessary, since events can take place any day and time. There are a ton of travel opportunities, as well. This is a part-time/freelance job, with pay starting at $18/hour and increasing once you're out on your own. The number of hours each week will vary.

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If you're on the path to becoming one of the
above we'd love to hear from you.

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What it's like to work here

We work together, we play together. We're musicians, inventors, jokesters, and buddies. We work hard, but within reason. Sometimes we put some loud music on and work our asses off into the night, but we also know when it's time to hit the pub, or go rock out for a few hours. We tell each other to go on vacation. We make each other coffee. We make sacrifices to avoid taking on work we don't believe in.

We all do lots of things

Our account guys code, our coder guys concept, and our designer guys do spreadsheets. Why? Because they want to, and see the benefits: they move faster, take part more, and produce better work because of it. We like it when people get the itch to try something new and completely different. We wouldn't exist without that.

Everyone works eleven months

Humans function better with the appropriate amount of time to relax. Because of this, every BREAKFAST employee is given lots of vacation days, and encouraged to use them.