What it's like to work here

We work together, we play together. We're musicians, inventors, jokesters, and buddies. We work hard, but within reason. Sometimes we put some loud music on and work our asses off into the night, but we also know when it's time to hit the pub, or go rock out for a few hours. We tell each other to go on vacation. We make each other coffee. We make sacrifices to avoid taking on work we don't believe in.

We all do lots of things

Our account guys code, our coder guys concept, and our designer guys do spreadsheets. Why? Because they want to, and see the benefits: they move faster, take part more, and produce better work because of it. We like it when people get the itch to try something new and completely different. We wouldn't exist without that.

Everyone works eleven months

Humans function better with the appropriate amount of time to relax. Because of this, every BREAKFAST employee is given lots of vacation days, and encouraged to use them.